Contek Civil works extensively for Telstra and other network providers maintaining and installing communication networks. In addition to dealing directly with large infrastructure companies, we provide services to other company tenders on small to large utility constructions including Local Authorities.

Service Pits

Contek Civil installs service pits situated in paved and unpaved areas. This includes both new and replacement pits.

Brick & In-Situ Manholes

Contek Civil can build new underground manholes to any dimension required, we arrange the manufacture of custom pre-fabricated lintels. We can also design and provide structural engineering specifications. Over the past years we have repaired, and installed over 1000 brick manholes. These repairs include replacing damaged lintels and concrete surround, repairing brickwork and pipe entries and re-installing ladders and frames to suit ground level shifts.

Pipe Installation

Contek Civil works extensively with Telstra’s Network Integrity Service, relocating and upgrading Telstra’s network due to civil and municipal work. We provide 20mm to 330mm, single or multiple conduits including concrete encasements, open cut trenching and/or directional drilling services.